Sunday, December 9, 2007

Epilog News

Last spring I had a major problem with the laser and had Jim ready to load it on the uHaul and take it back to Golden. Eventually I managed to talk to a tech who thought he might know the problem and he walked me through the process of cleaning the encoder strip. It worked.
I was called the next day by the regular tech and he said I shouldprobably not have done that myself and that its a rare scenario. I disagreed and suggested it find its way into the manual as a maintenance item. I was told that if it did I would know and -- well I am pleased to report that it has now been added to the tech notes on the website -- and there is even an instructional video.
Please note that the directions are for ALL models and it is now recommended that this procedure be carried out once a month.

I guess I should not be surprised that the new drivers address the tickle problem that resulted in extended wait times if the laser wasn't used daily. This was another 'isolated' problem with my machine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy

You have some nice laser art. Why don't you join the group of laser users at
(Select laser engravers forum). If you have technical problems or ideas it is a good place to discuss things with other laser users.

Richard R.

Mesa Wendy said...

I'm already there -- have been a member for a couple of years.